The Carmela Kolman Fellowship recognizes one exceptional artist annually who embodies the character and creativity of Carmela Kolman, an outstanding artist and member of the Gallery North community. The Kolman Fellowship offers studio space for working artists within the Studio at Gallery North over a ten-week term. 

In addition to pursuing their artistic practice, the Fellow will also enrich the local and regional arts community by teaching workshops or demonstrations, helping to organize community programming, or assisting with classes in the Studio. 

Meet the 2022 Carmela Kolman Fellow

Julia Moore

Julia Moore brings to the fellowship program a wealth of knowledge in community art making projects and curriculum development, including her influential role in the creation of the Artventures children's program at Gallery North. Moore, who grew up in Setauket, has a passion for connecting the arts and sciences, which is the foundation of her work. She uses it as a way to inform and educate others.