"My work sometimes invokes emotional responses from viewers because the imagery in my paintings seems familiar and I am committed to depicting the physical appearance of things in my paintings. The tension between abstract and representational art is actually a foundation at the start of my painting approach (I begin my paintings on a black ground). While the scenes are ultimately recognizable, I initially seek out shapes, forms and contrasting elements like warm and cool colors, simple and complex patterns, geometric and organic shapes to begin my paintings. The process is a contrast to the academic way I was trained. In the end, paint texture, surface and light are the primary things I am looking for once a painting is completed – and that is what I think many painters are seeking when they consider their own paintings, no matter what the content." 

William was born in New York City and received his Bachelor's Degree at Parson's School of Design. He later received his MA in illustration from Syracuse University NY. His clients for his painted illustrations include The New York Daily News, Sunday Magazine, The New York Times, Eddie Bauer Inc., the United States Postal Services, the Metropolitan Transit Authority Arts & Design Program, LL Bean, and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts in Hong Kong.

Low has given workshops, seminars and talks with American Library Association Annual Pre-Conference, Multicultural Children’s Book Festival, Kennedy Center, Syracuse University, NY and the Norman Rockwell Museum in MA.

He is a 5 time silver medalist at the Society of Illustrators NY, as well as the New York Times Best Illustrated Picture Book Award winner for Old Penn Station, 2009. He was selected for the Parent's Choice Honor Award for Lily, by Abigail Thomas, 1994. 

Authored books include Chinatown, Henry Holt and Company, 1998, Old Penn Station, Henry Holt and Company, 2007., Machines go to Work, Henry Holt and Company, 2009, Machines go to Work in the City, Henry Holt and Company, 2012. and Daytime Nighttime, Henry Holt and Company, 2013. Low has illustrated books for T.A. Barron, Eve Bunting, Russell Freedman, Laura Godwin, Brenda Guiberson, Bruce Edward Hall, Amy Littlesugar, Mara Rockliff and Abigail Thomas.