"As a young person, I was most influenced by an uncle who was a commercial artist. I would sit in his studio and watch him paint these wonderfully funny watercolors. I always loved to draw and paint. Formal training began much later in my 30’s. I received my baccalaureate and master's degree at CW Post, Long Island University of New York and taught art for a while in the public school system. At 50 I went back to school and received a MSW from Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare and started a new career.People and their stories always fascinated me and became a theme in my art. The plight of Latino day workers on Long Island became my “raison d’etre”.  Every day I would go to the Farmingville 7/11 where the workers would congregate in hopes of being picked for work. I painted and sketched them. I traveled to the vineyards and farms in order to sketch the laborers at work. The series of paintings produced at this time was displayed throughout the SUNY system on Long Island. Stony Brook purchased “The Soccer Players' ' which is hanging in The Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies.My other interests are musicians, people dancing, working, and playing.I love movement and try to show that in most of my work. I continued to study in art at the Art Student League, The Grand Central Academy of Art and with noted artists, Jeff Fisher, Larissa Aukon and Carmelo Blandino."


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