"I am energized by the hands in the earth sensation, a slow process of creating that allows me to connect and commune internally where a dialogue is recorded in a 3D sculptural form with clay.

My art practice has become an outlet to vent my emotive reactions to social and political events. My ceramic sculptures incorporate the use of earth’s elements, and finished with intentional meditative and ritual practices. Each sculpture or vessel is meant to stimulate the senses, and provoke emotions. I look at my ceramic sculptures as a visual language made up of tangible objects and vessels that take up space and share a message in the same way words are written in stories, sung in songs, and shouted in protests."

Jessamyn Go is a ceramic artist based on the East End of Long Island. She is the founder of Femme Sole, a small batch of ceramics venture offering functional pieces for home. In addition to running a successful studio practice, Jessamyn also teaches at the Clay Art Studio in Watermill, NY and sits on the board of the Mastic Beach Conservancy. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Jessamyn’s fine art collections serve as a powerful vehicle for reflection and dialogue. Through her skillful manipulation of clay, she transforms the medium into vessels, sculptures, and installations that speak to a diverse range of themes. Her work sheds light on pressing societal issues, inviting viewers to engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the human condition.