“I create because it makes me happy. My artistic vision is to help others see the world as I see it, filled with light, color, movement, and beauty. I wish to share that vision and inspire others to help them find what makes them happy, either through observation or creation.”

Eileen Kelly is a New York based artist. She has been expressing her feelings in pigment since 1975. As a formally trained mathematician, Eileen has found deep artistic connection while exploring the purity, depth, and abstraction of mathematics. While working with numerous master artists through the years, she has found her own artistic voice. Her artwork is authentic and true to who she is.

Eileen’s quote “The Beauty of Art is a Feeling” resonates through, as her work embodies an Expressionist process, portraying an emotional response to her inner experience as she is often overtaken by universal energy and the natural beauty that surrounds her. Throughout the creative process each piece may turn toward Impressionism or Abstraction.