"As an artist, my core spirit keeps me creating, especially with glass. I look for beauty and self-reflection in my work. Although not usually large, my pieces carry a big punch with their composition, color and content. A continued focus has been with our environment . I want viewers to become engaged for more than a passing moment when looking at my art. Creating that moment to be pulled in on a deeper level is my idea of accomplishing something beyond a pretty artwork to glimpse. My ideas come from my passion about our earth’s need for sustainability. The more I become emotionally reactive to what I read, the more I need to cathartically create. This theme is ever present and polemical. I use glass fusing techniques but don’t commit to just one media. I use whatever material I find to make my point work. I also employ new glass techniques I learn about and test. I apply them when they make the imagery finer. I usually attempt to show depth in work by applying materials like metal inclusions, paint layers, enamels or powders. I also create with collage. My pieces are abstract, textural and fabricated relatively quickly compared to glass. I layer prepped painted papers, repurposed artworks, handmade paper and drawing materials to complete my compositions. Again, many have themes based on my reaction to world events. I always hope that my art speaks to people, whether from its attractiveness, technical levels or controversy. " ​

Kirk is an artist and educator living on Long Island, NY. Her primary love is glass although she is proficient in other medias. Her visual influences have been from her travels, personal relationships, and her reaction to environmental issues. Kirk’s glass work include unique glass plates and pendants. She creates work from sketch to final product that is thoughtful and unique. Kirk's work are shown in both gallery shops and exhibitions. Along with 6 solo exhibits and numerous group shows, her glass, photography, drawing & collage work have garnered awards in exhibitions and has been accepted into The Society of Illustrators, Salmagundi Club, Nat. Assoc. of Women Artists and Taipei Institute. Kirk continues to teach workshops on glass. Her enjoyment of teaching the media offers opportunities for others to appreciate the world of warm glass work!

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