"I have a strong creative force. It is not so much a conscious effort, but more of an instinct or impulse to process material from both an outside and interior landscape, tangible and intangible. I express this in a visual art on paper and canvas using watercolor, acrylics or oils as my media. If we encounter the world everyday in a truly present way, we can initiate; respond to; bear witness to, or engage with all that life has to offer. And everyday that outside world may change, but the human heart remains fundamentally the same. The creativity that I have nurtured in my work allows me the freedom to explore a concept, a theme, an emotion or even a specific historical event over and over again. The painting will be different each time, never right or wrong, just different. I am not a technical painter, as soon as I become overly conscious of technique, I lose the life of the piece and it becomes contrived. The various themes that I have explored include the following: mother and child, abstract landscapes (includes the “downtown” series, the Brooklyn series), pure abstracts, nature (includes the crane series, flowers, the moody fish series), figurative, and abstract figures (includes worry dolls)." 

Schery Markee-Sullivan began her formal training studying with abstract painter Robert Kaupelis at NYU.  Her paintings are defined by a dynamic expression of color, line and vibrant energy. Ranging in scope from elegant florals to intricate mask collages, abstracts and primitive creature pieces or powerful figurative paintings, the work is a diverse spectrum of creative force.