"I weave together the intricate threads of climate change, shellfish & kelp farming, along with the haunting reality of coral reef bleaching. I aim to spotlight the fragility of our ecosystems and the imperative for collective action. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, I craft my own non-toxic paints using earth and mineral pigments. The resulting color palette, serves not only to distinguish my work, but also to foster a cohesive visual experience for those who collect multiple pieces. Amidst the complex layers of my creations lies a call to action, an abstract plea for collective mindfulness towards our planet's well-being."

Christie Jones, a Long Island artist, intertwines coastal beauty with climate action in her watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media paintings, along with her hand-built ceramics. Inspired by personal experiences with environmental degradation, her artworks showcased in museums and galleries, advocate for environmental consciousness and ocean preservation.