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3-26 Mural Planning Workshop for All Ages!

3-26 Mural Planning Workshop for All Ages!

March 26 (Sunday)

2-4 pm


Any and All are Welcome! 

A community mural provides a valuable opportunity for authorship within ones community by allowing individuals to come together to create something that embodies and reflects our collective understanding of what is important to enshrine in a work of public art. 

Gallery North is so excited so provide this opportunity to OUR community!

We will provide 3 free guided workshops, open to all who wish to participate.

These workshops were designed by and will be facilitated by our 2022 Carmela Koleman Fellow.

In these workshops community participants will collaboratively brainstorm the content of the mural using word association, a team building creative group activity and drawing, that our fellow will synthesize into usable imagery, some of which will go directly into the composition of the final mural. 

By the end of the project there will be a completed mural on our campus for the public to enjoy for years to come.

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