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7-22 Art from the Heart; Watercolor painting with Oksana Danziger July 22

July 22 (Friday)
6 - 8 pm
Experience pure connection with your inner soul and express your creativity fully through painting with watercolor. Watercolor is a very spontaneous technique wherein often times one has to loosen up on control and “go with a flow”. We begin with simple breathing exercises, simply observing our breath and connecting with our inner self. This is followed by stretching and we next move to visual meditation, where we concentrate on holding an image in our mind, after looking at the subject for some time. and try to adsorb all of the details, color, and even smell as we are then going to paint a flower. We progress to some painting exercises where we learn various techniques and explore color mixing and come up with a color palette for our project.
Painting a flower is our final step; choosing a technique, adding details and creating a beautiful flower, or flowers. Oksana Danziger has been a yoga instructor, textile designer, and teacher for over twenty years. Yoga and meditation have a great
impact and expand her creativity. Most recently, she was an adjunct professor at FIT, and a yoga instructor at the Main Street Huntington library and the South Huntington library.

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